Wanna see the bacteria that hang out in your mouth?

I recently came across the MicrobeScope on Kickstarter.  I am a fan of crowdfunding, have pitched my own project once upon a time on IndieGoGo, and generally find these sites great sources of random… Continue reading

Composting: What’s the Big Deal & Why Should I Bother?

As seen in the previous post, this blog has taken up composting – in addition to biking as transportation – as a personal crusade.  To me, the virtues of composting are so obvious… Continue reading

Be A City Earthworm!

Hello Readers! I apologize for my looooooong absence.  I thought that graduating from grad school would free me to blog more, but instead I have learned how inconvenient it is to blog at… Continue reading

Bicycle Parking Ordinance goes before PLUM Committee, Tomorrow

Originally posted on LADOT BIKE BLOG:
Some innovative bike parking from the Know How Shop in Highland Park Tomorrow afternoon, the Planning & Land Use Management Committee will review an ordinance that aims…

About. Friggin’. Time.

I recently returned from another thoroughly lovely weekend visit to the City by the Bay.  In case you are wondering, yes, I traveled via the least environmentally friendly transport option possible: flying.  And,… Continue reading

I want one!

Good design excites me.  One of the best I’ve seen recently is in fact not new at all, but its simplicity explains its enduring popularity.  I’m speaking of the olla, which is Latin… Continue reading

Let the Experiment Begin!!

About a week ago, I gazed upon the supposed reward (that would be my semi-monthly paycheck) for my last 2 years of misery (that would be  graduate school and interning for a pittance)… Continue reading