Get your own city-installed bike rack!

OK, not exactly your own.  But, if you frequent a business/park/building that does not have (enough) bike racks, make your need heard!

Unfortunately, the ones in SM don't look like this...Credit:

From BIKE Santa Monica:

New Bicycle Racks

On June 8th and 9th, over a hundred bike racks were installed on Main Street at various locations where either businesses personally requested them or where the existing racks were heavily used. More racks will be installed this summer along commercial corridors citywide, including Montana Avenue and Downtown. This effort is just another part of making Santa Monica more bike-friendly. To request a rack at your favorite business, please visit and click “submit a request” at the bottom of the page.


In more bike news, we go to northern Europe (of course, where else do bikes make news?).  Though I’ve never been, I have for a while now fantasized about moving there (in fact, I have Weather Widgets for something like 6 of their cities on my Dashboard; if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t own a Mac).  Here is one reason why.

Like a giant empty gym for bikes (Credit: Nunc Architects)


In some countries, cyclists are seen as more than rule-breaking freeloaders who slow down cars; they are seen as a viable part of the transportation system that needs its own infrastructure investment. For instance, parking can be a problem in a country like the Netherlands where so many people cycle. In Zaandam, just outside of Amsterdam, Nunc Architects have completed a 700 bike parking building that probably makes every cyclist in North America green with envy.  (Read more…)