Unicycles are half as hard to ride as bikes…

So you think your commute is hard?  Don’t be a baby:

Sometimes I have trouble doing this using my own feet...(Credit: Ken Looi, Adventure Unicyclist)

Via treehugger.com:

If you ever shied away from the challenge of a long distance bike trip, well here’s a trip that really isn’t for the faint of heart — or the unskilled.

Last summer, Adventure Unicyclist, Bike Asia and Grasshopper Adventures teamed up to host a tour of Mongolia by unicycle: The Monguni: The Mongolia Unicycle Tour 2010. The 12-day tour (with seven days of one-wheeled biking) covered 150 miles and gave athletically inclined and adventure-tuned travelers a unique way to get from point A to point B (Read more…)

I’m not saying you should break the law, but, seriously, whaddya expect when you take away people’s right to bike safely?  In “Repainting The Bike Lane On Bedford Avenue,” 2 New York City cyclists repaint 14 blocks of a bike lane that was removed; they were later arrested.  It’s obvious which side of the fence I am on about this – the local government has to realize that removing bike lanes is akin to removing many people’s safe passage to work or whatever destination.  What if we all woke up one day and all the lane markings on the 10 were just gone?  I mean, look at how much inconvenience Carmageddon is causing and it’s only one weekend!!  C’mon!

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