Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica-West LA

Access Type: Bike Lane (Ocean Ave-26th St); Bike Route (26th St-Westgate Ave)

Difficulty: Easy

Traffic Intensity: Light

Other Bikers: Moderate west of Lincoln, otherwise few

The View: Quiet neighborhood

Arizona is one of the first streets I ever rode on once I learned to bike (see “About” for my ridiculous life story), and, for that reason, it feels like home to me.  Once you are in the downtown area, you can say hi to Google, hit Zanzibar (which, I will admit, is one of my favorite night time spots in all of LA), ice skate in the wintertime (something I’ve never really warmed up to), shop at TJ Maxx, and get some Angelato.  3rd and Arizona is also one of the few spots in Santa Monica where one can consistently find a food truck (not the really good ones, mind you); I also crashed at this corner once, just because of the sheer volume of pedestrians.  But, other than that, Arizona is quiet and perfect for the timid beginning rider.  It provides good access to the Promenade, Palisades Park, and therefore the Santa Monica Pier.  It is also very non-scary way to get to West LA.