Bikes are faster than planes!

I swear this parking job was NOT the work of an Asian Mejor en Tranvia

Not to be a hater (or a cliche), but once again I find the Europeans ahead of us in the game of sustainable transportation.  In Murcia, Spain, you can now earn a FREE public transit pass FOR LIFE in exchange for giving up your car.  For us Americans, it may take a little (or a long) while to figure out how that could possibly equate to a fair trade, but I really think it’s the right direction for governments to go as far as promoting alternative mobility.  Maybe the city of LA can add a local employment offer on top of that transit pass?  Regardless, the time is ripe for US agencies to get a move on reducing congestion.  We wouldn’t want to wait until the photo above becomes a reality.  (Read more…)


Wolfpack Hustle: Insert The Hangover jokes in your head...Credit:

Not only has our little hiccup (aka Carmageddon) in traffic become national news, but now bikes are superior to planes.  USA Today reports on Wolfpack Hustle‘s two-wheeled victory over JetBlue’s Burbank-Long Beach flight.  If you read this blog, I probably won’t need to fill you in on the background of the race, but in any case you can Read more… here.  You can, in fact, also ride with Wolfpack Hustle; however, consider yourself warned.


The Hustle Ride rolls out every Monday from Tang’s Donut on Sunset and Fountain in Silverlake at 10pm.

The routes change up from week to week and cover wide swaths of territory. Riders that participate will experience a completely different Los Angeles than most trapped in their coffins will ever know. Distances range in length from 45-70 miles. We climb walls we break into shit we scuttle through hoods like rats on the run. The pack rolls as a group, there are no winners there are no losers. Understand: This is not a race. This is a HUSTLE.

If you aren’t riding a fixed gear, track, or a geared road bike you will likely have a hard time keeping up. All are invited but not all will make it to the end. Unfortunately, sometimes riders DO get left behind and that’s the madness that is Wolfpack.