Organic Produce, Recycled TP, and Some Hipsters

Whole Foods Market

225 Lincoln Blvd. (x Rose)

Venice, CA 90291 USA

Bike Access: Decent (try to come around from the west)

Bike Parking: Many bike racks in front of the store, thought they don’t always meet the demand (this is Venice, after all)

Attire: Stylishly casual

I like the general concept of Whole Foods, but I really can’t afford to stock up on supplies here.  Still, I am drawn to this particular

Unlikely couple: Rose & Lincoln

location like a fat kid to cake (or, like myself to cake).  I don’t know if they pump something through the AC or it’s the lighting or music or the happy people or what, but I really like coming here.  If I’m feeling prissy, I’ll buy skin care products.  But mostly I make a beeline for the hot foods section, which is easily larger than the entire produce department at most supermarkets.  I’m partial to the Indian station, the taqueria (agua fresca!), and the fried chicken (yes, that’s right).  Very good bread pudding can be found with the hot desserts, after which I will treat myself and my oink partner to a chocolate chocolate chip cookie (that’s not a typo).  The food is not cheap, so I prefer to come on Wednesdays when the prepared foods are $5.99/lb (a $2 discount).

If you care, this is not the place to roll up to in your PJs, unless you happen to sleep in clothes that radiate that effortless hipster hippie (or hippie hipster) vibe – you know, that kind that looks like it’s tryingto appear not expensive.

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: There is no other way to say this: Whole Foods Venice is a scene.  (On an encouraging but annoying note, there is often not enough bike parking space here.  Still, unless you have to, don’t bring your car here because the parking lot is just as much of a scene.)