These are a few of my favorite things…

To be perfectly honest, I really don’t understand from this photo how the pedaling churns the ice cream, but I’d still eat the ice cream! Photo credit:

A new business based in downtown LA combines my two most favoritest things in the world: ice cream and biking!  Peddler’s Creamery “makes high quality artisan bicycle-churned organic dairy and non-dairy ice cream and frozen desserts” in unusual flavors like Spicy Chocolate, Thai Iced Tea, and Kumquat.  Starting in July, you can order your treats online and have them delivered by bike, provided you live within 10 miles of downtown (no fair!)  In the meantime, you can help get them off the ground by contributing to their campaign on Kickstarter.

Since I am not within their delivery distance, I think what I really need is one of their bike/ice cream machine contraptions…That way, I can pedal and make ice cream while eating ice cream and consume no net calories!