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Composting: What’s the Big Deal & Why Should I Bother?

As seen in the previous post, this blog has taken up composting – in addition to biking as transportation – as a personal crusade.  To me, the virtues of composting are so obvious… Continue reading

Be A City Earthworm!

Hello Readers! I apologize for my looooooong absence.  I thought that graduating from grad school would free me to blog more, but instead I have learned how inconvenient it is to blog at… Continue reading

About. Friggin’. Time.

I recently returned from another thoroughly lovely weekend visit to the City by the Bay.  In case you are wondering, yes, I traveled via the least environmentally friendly transport option possible: flying.  And,… Continue reading

Let the Experiment Begin!!

About a week ago, I gazed upon the supposed reward (that would be my semi-monthly paycheck) for my last 2 years of misery (that would be  graduate school and interning for a pittance)… Continue reading

Biking Mayan Style

During the holidays, I had the good fortune to vacation in Tulum, Mexico, for 5 glorious days.  Awful multi-multi-leg flight notwithstanding, this was one of the most awesome vacations ever.  We had a… Continue reading

Why I Love Paris, Reason #789

To my millions of readers, I apologize for having been MIA.  School and work and life have swallowed me up and refused to spit me back out.  BUT, many environmentally-friendly things have indeed… Continue reading


I got the best e-mail this weekend.  It was from my friend MetroManiac.  For months, we have been having conversations where we daydream about not needing a car in our lives.  Well, it… Continue reading