Bikes bring all the boys to the yard…

I’m not gonna be shocking anyone with the following declaration: biking, both competitive and commuter, is dominated by dudes.  As a result, there has been a lot of digging in academic research as… Continue reading

Accomplishment of the Week

Sunday, post-brunch: Round-trip bike journey between Santa Monica and the Century City Mall: ~12 miles!  Pretty sure that’s the longest trip I’ve done!

I am disappointed with myself…

Since school started, I have fallen off the wagon in the following ways: 1. Commuting by bike less frequently 2. Eating/ordering more meat 3. Buying more single-use, disposable goods 4. Using the car… Continue reading

Reason to Bike #787

According to Amber Mace, executive director of Ocean Protection Council, oil from cars in the US accumulates on road surfaces and eventually gets washed out into oceans at the rate of an Exxon… Continue reading

A side of celebrity with your eggs…

The Rose Cafe & Market 220 Rose Ave. Venice, CA 310.399.0711 Bike Access: good (take Main St. if coming from the north or south; the alley parallel to Rose Ave. if coming from… Continue reading

Random Thought #634

Biking has simultaneously broadened and narrowed my world.  For one, the area that I’d consider my “‘hood” is bigger now because I can get to so many places effortlessly on my bike, without… Continue reading

Make Santa Monica Weird!

In my book, Austin, TX, has its priorities straight.  First of all, the city embraces non-conformity (hence the slogan “Keep Austin Weird!”).  Second, according to, Austinites spend more money on food per… Continue reading