I earned my dinner tonight…

Having had much crap to lug this morning, I took the Big Blue Bus into work.  Perhaps because I don’t use the bus as my main mode of transportation, I have rather positives… Continue reading

Biking is caring…

In July, Boston launched its own biking-sharing network called the Hubway.  Paris just celebrated the 4th birthday of one of its finest contributions to the world – the Velib.  UC Irvine has had… Continue reading

Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (San Vicente-Bicknell); Bike Route (Bicknell-Hollister) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to heavy Other Bikers: Moderate The View: Scenic (beach and expensive dwellings) Entrada to Wilshire: The most serene portion… Continue reading

Benefits of Biking #327:

You can leave your wallet at home! (Like I did today…NOT intentionally) Seriously, though, if you ain’t drivin’, you can’t get pulled over and the cops can’t ask for your license.

We gonna rock down to…Electric Avenue!

In a continuing quest to make my Prius obsolete in my life, I test-rode an electric bike this weekend.  Lucky for me, there is an iZip store right on Lincoln Boulevard in Venice.  … Continue reading

Why can’t we have one??

Since last July, London has had a (small) network of bike “superhighways” connecting various suburbs to the city center.  The CS7, for one, runs 8.5 miles (!!) from the southern surburb of Merton… Continue reading

Why I Bother…

WARNING: This is the post where I go off on why it is so important for 1) me personally to adopt biking and promote this cause and 2) society to fully integrate biking… Continue reading