There is such a thing as a free lunch…

Local Dumpster Your Alley (or Anyone Else’s, for that matter) Los Angeles, CA Bike Access: varies Bike Parking: varies, but likely not an issue Attire: whatever you want (but probably leave your True… Continue reading

Honk if you like the new cyclist protection law!

This post comes courtesy of one of my most frequent oink partners, who saw this newspaper article at lunch, snapped a phone pic, e-mailed me to suggest a new blog entry, I went… Continue reading


Sunny Blue 2728 Main Street (between Hill and Ashland) Santa Monica, CA 90405 Bike Access: good Bike Parking: bike racks/parking meters out front Attire: casual Sunny Blue oh Sunny Blue, how I love… Continue reading

Bikes are faster than planes!

Not to be a hater (or a cliche), but once again I find the Europeans ahead of us in the game of sustainable transportation.  In Murcia, Spain, you can now earn a FREE… Continue reading

I am a “other-people’s-leftover-meat” vegetarian…

Does that sound gross?  Let me try to explain myself.  You know how some people say they are ovo-lacto-vegetarians?  And some other people are pescatarians?  Well, I am vegetarian, except when the steak/carnitas/rotisserie… Continue reading

Arizona Avenue, Santa Monica-West LA

Access Type: Bike Lane (Ocean Ave-26th St); Bike Route (26th St-Westgate Ave) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Light Other Bikers: Moderate west of Lincoln, otherwise few The View: Quiet neighborhood Arizona is one of… Continue reading

Unicycles are half as hard to ride as bikes…

So you think your commute is hard?  Don’t be a baby: Via If you ever shied away from the challenge of a long distance bike trip, well here’s a trip that really… Continue reading