Though this website is still in its infancy, readers may already note my tendency to direct all discussions, wherever they originate, towards food.  In that spirit, ugubugu’s inaugural poll will focus on that… Continue reading

Broadway, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (5th St – Centinela Ave) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Light Other Bikers: Always but not crowded The View: Bike-friendly neighborhood Broadway exemplifies a neighborhood that has accepted biking as… Continue reading

Get your own city-installed bike rack!

OK, not exactly your own.  But, if you frequent a business/park/building that does not have (enough) bike racks, make your need heard! From BIKE Santa Monica: New Bicycle Racks On June 8th and… Continue reading

Fundamentally Yummy

Fundamental Los Angeles 1303 Westwood Blvd (cross street Wellworth) Los Angeles, CA 90024 Bike Access: decent Bike Parking: parking meters out front Attire: casual I make weekly forays to Westwood, usually by bike,… Continue reading

Main Street, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (Navy St to Colorado Ave) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to Heavy Other Bikers: Many The View: Festive Street Scene Main St., to me, captures the best of Santa… Continue reading

Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (Barnard Way-Cloverfield Blvd) Difficulty: Medium (Hills) Traffic Intensity: Moderate Other Bikers: Moderate to few The View: Scenic (West of Lincoln) WEST OF LINCOLN: Ocean Park is one of my… Continue reading

Greetings from The Misfit

The Misfit 225 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90401 Bike Access: easy Bike Parking: right out front Attire: hip, casual For my inaugural post, I will be reliving my experience at The… Continue reading