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Biking Mayan Style

During the holidays, I had the good fortune to vacation in Tulum, Mexico, for 5 glorious days.  Awful multi-multi-leg flight notwithstanding, this was one of the most awesome vacations ever.  We had a… Continue reading

One Day, We Will Never Forget to Wear Our Helmets…

I like movies.  My favorite movies that I am willing to admit to in mixed company tend to fall under the genres of sci-fi or “cerebral” (according to NetFlix), but I do indeed… Continue reading

Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (San Vicente-Bicknell); Bike Route (Bicknell-Hollister) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to heavy Other Bikers: Moderate The View: Scenic (beach and expensive dwellings) Entrada to Wilshire: The most serene portion… Continue reading

Unicycles are half as hard to ride as bikes…

So you think your commute is hard?  Don’t be a baby: Via treehugger.com: If you ever shied away from the challenge of a long distance bike trip, well here’s a trip that really… Continue reading

Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (Barnard Way-Cloverfield Blvd) Difficulty: Medium (Hills) Traffic Intensity: Moderate Other Bikers: Moderate to few The View: Scenic (West of Lincoln) WEST OF LINCOLN: Ocean Park is one of my… Continue reading