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Let the Experiment Begin!!

About a week ago, I gazed upon the supposed reward (that would be my semi-monthly paycheck) for my last 2 years of misery (that would be  graduate school and interning for a pittance)… Continue reading

Bikes bring all the boys to the yard…

I’m not gonna be shocking anyone with the following declaration: biking, both competitive and commuter, is dominated by dudes.  As a result, there has been a lot of digging in academic research as… Continue reading

Biking is caring…

In July, Boston launched its own biking-sharing network called the Hubway.  Paris just celebrated the 4th birthday of one of its finest contributions to the world – the Velib.  UC Irvine has had… Continue reading

Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica

Access Type: Bike Lane (San Vicente-Bicknell); Bike Route (Bicknell-Hollister) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to heavy Other Bikers: Moderate The View: Scenic (beach and expensive dwellings) Entrada to Wilshire: The most serene portion… Continue reading

Is this guy for real???? Please tell me no…

From Toronto mayor Rob Ford: I can’t support bike lanes. Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks. My heart bleeds when someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end… Continue reading

I like SM and I cannot lie…

Readers may note my tendency to post news from afar (specifically, Europe) in this section and I cannot fault you for thinking I may have some sort of preference for that continent, but… Continue reading

Rose Avenue, Venice-West LA

Access Type: Bike Lane (Lincoln Blvd-Walgrove Ave) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to heavy Other Bikers: Moderate to few The View: Neighborhood/Golf course/Busy street WEST OF LINCOLN: This stretch of Rose is really… Continue reading