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Accomplishment of the Week

Sunday, post-brunch: Round-trip bike journey between Santa Monica and the Century City Mall: ~12 miles!  Pretty sure that’s the longest trip I’ve done! Advertisements

Benefits of Biking #327:

You can leave your wallet at home! (Like I did today…NOT intentionally) Seriously, though, if you ain’t drivin’, you can’t get pulled over and the cops can’t ask for your license.

Why can’t we have one??

Since last July, London has had a (small) network of bike “superhighways” connecting various suburbs to the city center.  The CS7, for one, runs 8.5 miles (!!) from the southern surburb of Merton… Continue reading

I like SM and I cannot lie…

Readers may note my tendency to post news from afar (specifically, Europe) in this section and I cannot fault you for thinking I may have some sort of preference for that continent, but… Continue reading

Rose Avenue, Venice-West LA

Access Type: Bike Lane (Lincoln Blvd-Walgrove Ave) Difficulty: Easy Traffic Intensity: Moderate to heavy Other Bikers: Moderate to few The View: Neighborhood/Golf course/Busy street WEST OF LINCOLN: This stretch of Rose is really… Continue reading

Honk if you like the new cyclist protection law!

This post comes courtesy of one of my most frequent oink partners, who saw this newspaper article at lunch, snapped a phone pic, e-mailed me to suggest a new blog entry, I went… Continue reading


Sunny Blue 2728 Main Street (between Hill and Ashland) Santa Monica, CA 90405 Bike Access: good Bike Parking: bike racks/parking meters out front Attire: casual Sunny Blue oh Sunny Blue, how I love… Continue reading